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Lord Lakulish 

Known also as Dadaji : or " Beloved Grandfather ”

Revered as the 28th Incarnation of Lord Shiva


    Born around 200 B.C. at the beginning of the Sattva Yuga : The Age of Truth, in the town of Medhavati. Lord Lakulish manifested into the body of a small baby, born to a Brahmin family. Soon after his birth strange happenings began to occur around the house. During the early morning hours, his mother would leave to fetch the priest for daily rituals. Upon arriving home they noticed all the ceremonies had been performed. Knowing they had not done it, one morning his father spied the infant child rising to perform the sacred rites once his parents left. Upon seeing this his parents and the priest were amazed. They asked “ son please tell us who you are.” With this the child collapsed and died. All joy suddenly turned to sadness and despair. 

  The child’s father, full of grief, wrapped the boy’s body and placed it in a nearby pond for burial. As the child’s body sank, two tortoises took the bundle and placed it at the bottom of the pond. There a shiva lingam had been placed, and as the child’s body rested there it went through a profound transformation. Weeks had gone by, until one morning a young boy was found splashing in the pond. As he exited the pond he carried with him a stick. The priests asked the boy who he was. The boy told him his name was “Prana”. The priests and astounded by his knowledge of yoga and scripture, named him Lakulish. Which means ( one who carries a club ). Lakulish would go on to teach and spread his knowledge and wisdom all over the town. Soon the city would become a main spiritual center, a tirtha. The name was changed to Kayavarohan, which means “to decend into the body”. 

  For many years Lakulish taught at his ashram. Teaching the science and practices of yoga, meditation, and inward reflection. One day he gathered his disciples and instructed them to go out across India and spread his message and teachings. Upon doing this Lakulish sat in front of a large lingam. He asked his disciples to close their eyes. As they opened them, they saw his body had merged with the stone lingam. Now a form of their beloved Guru sat before them. 

  Then in 1866 A.D. a farmer while plowing his field, unearthed the massive stone lingam. A temple would be built, and for hundreds of years, pilgrims would flock to Kayavarohan to witness this Murti ( statue or idol ).

  Centuries later, Lord Lakulish would appear again – in the last Kali Yuga : Age of Darkness ( which we are still in ). In 1930 he took up the deceased body of a Swami, and saved our beloved Swami Kripalu ( then 19 ) from suicide. For 21 months Lord Lakulish trained young Kripalu in Kundalini Yoga before vanishing. In 1955 Swami Kripalu , who continued his Guru's teachings, visits Kayavarohan and recognizes the image on the lingam to be his Guru - Lord Lakulish. In 1974 Swami Kripalu would rebuild the temple upon instruction from Lord Lakulish. He would again appear to Swami Kripalu in a vision upon the dedication of the temple, and infused his energy once again into the lingam.

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