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Located in Medina , Ohio

Prajña Ma Gardens is a lush 3-acre, organic farm, surrounded by 20 acres of organic hay fields, located in Medina County. We grow our own produce there. Many of you know, we sold our produce at the Hudson Farmers Market for the past 3 seasons. We have decided to now sell our produce from our Divine Indwelling Center. Barberton and surrounding communities are a desert for fresh, organic produce. We are excited to bring our naturally grown goodness to our own community.


What’s so special about the food from Prajña Ma Gardens?


  We are a wholistic farm. We practice only natural gardening methods - regenerative farming. Our primary interest is in the soil and surrounding environment. We keep bee hives. We companion plant - lots of flowers and plants to support the birds and the bees. We go out of our way to grow our produce in harmony with healthy, nutritiously rich, soil. We go out of our way to protect and support all the garden friendly creatures. We fertilize with our own organic hay. This makes for clean, nutritious, healing, food. To experience Prajña Ma Gardens is like an Ohio version of the Garden of Eden! Oh, we grow apples too!


  Super Fresh - everything is picked a day or two before our sale. You cannot buy fresher food. Almost all organic produce sold in local grocery stores is a week or more before it gets to your home.

No pesticides. No herbicides. No manufactured fertilizers. No waxes or preservatives. 


The USDA allows all the above in organic produce - as long as it is organic. Prajña Ma Gardens is free of these!


Fresh Picked! You can see, smell, touch, and taste the difference. 


Proceeds support the Divine Indwelling Center.



Our farm is named after our beloved Prajna Ma. She along with our Bapuji, Swami Ashutosh Muni, have been guiding our spiritual family for over 10 years. Teaching us the Science of Yoga and Self Awareness. Which includes an all-natural, balanced, Ayurvedic diet.








  Prajna Ma Gardens is

be back this Summer Season 2023 !

New Season. New Location.

Saturday Morning Organic Veggie and Flower Stand at

Divine Indwelling

98 17th Street NW

Barberton OH 44203

9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Every Saturday until October

*cash only please

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