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Swami Ashutosh Muni 

Known also as our Bapuji : or " Spiritual Father "


  Ashutosh Muni ( doctor, pilot, artist, author, sculptor ) was born in 1953, in Gujarat India. He is the lineage holder of the Lakulish Yoga Lineage. He had known his Guru, Swami Kripalu since birth. His mother having been a devoted disciple of Swami Kripalu. 

  By age seven Ashutosh was sent to military school. It Is here he became a pilot in the Indian Air Force. Only able to return once a year, he spent every minute he could with his beloved Guru. In 1970 he began seven years of medical school training. On his weekends away from school he spent them in the company of his Guru. During these times his desire to follow in his Guru’s footsteps grew.

  In 1979 while Swami Kripalu was in America, he called Ashutosh to be with him. He spent fifteen months learning all that a master passes to his student. This would prepare him for his final vows as a Sanyasi. He would spend the next twenty-five years in seclusion. Dedicated to his sadhana, and carrying out Kripalu’s final wishes. During this time he built the Kripalu Ashram in Malav India. The final resting place and shrine of his beloved Guru, and a pilgrimage site for thousands to this day. He also constructed schools, housing, and hospitals that support for free the local communities and children.

  In 2005 he came out of seclusion, and began teaching around the world. It is during this time our community leader Maheshwar met our Bapuji. From there a blessed connection would form. Over the last fifteen years our family has had the opportunity to share in the teachings of our beloved guru. Just as he did with his Bapuji, so to is our family called to be in his company ( darshan ) and learn the sacred science and teachings of our yoga lineage.


 Prajna Ma

  She along with our Bapuji, Swami Ashutosh Muni, have been guiding our spiritual family for over 10 years. Teaching us the Science of Yoga and Self Awareness. 

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