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  Satsang - a Sanskrit word that means "gathering together for the truth". We assemble as a family to sing and chant the bhajans and dhuns of our lineage. The harmonium, drums, and melodies silencing the mind, and dancing you away to bliss within.

"Postures are good. Pranayama is good. Nothing is as powerful as Satsang."  ~ Bapuji

   Our Satsang/Dinner/Movie nights have been wonderful!


  This clip from the first movie we watched, "English Vinglish," is important to remember any time.

Kripalu on Satsang:

  "Satsang is like a lake. You can bathe in it. By bathing in pure thoughts and good company, your thoughts and actions are then purified. In order to gain full advantage of Satsang, then you must learn the difference between right and wrong company. When one is convinced that God exists and is for real, then prayers get established and "shradda", or faith is created in Satsang. "Sat" means God. "Sanga" means friendship. Whatever helps you fall in love with God is called Satsang. "If you go around asking everyone where is God, you'll never find him. When people gather together to chant and pray - that is where you will find him."

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