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 Yoga Nidra Meditation

Yoga Nidra on Sundays at the Divine Indwelling Lakulish Center is back by popular demand!!

We are happy to announce that we will be offering Yoga Nidra EVERY SUNDAY, putting renewed meaning into making Sunday a Day of Rest. Join us in this rejuvenating method of self-healing.
Sunday Practice begins at 11:00am (doors open at 10:45). 

All ages are welcome to this experience. Try to eat lightly in the morning of Nidra; 

perhaps just fruit. Bring a comfortable mat to rest on and a blanket cover with. 

Can't be with us in person? Join our Yoga Nidra by Zoom Meeting. 
Click the link below!

Meeting ID: 871 4301 9321 Passcode: 629274


Please Note: If you are feeling unwell - cold or flu - please wait to participate when feeling better. (Or Zoom it.) 
* For safety's sake, we lock the doors at 11:00 am when we begin our Yoga Nidra. Please arrive about 10 minutes early. Getting settled in your exterior surroundings will help you prepare for settling the interior.


A basket will be left out for those who wish to contribute to the work of 

Divine Indwelling Lakulish Center. 

  This is a powerful practice of aligning yourself with your Higher Self! This systematic method of extreme relaxation is known to have powerful results which can heal and help in the process of self-transformation. Yoga Nidra is a scientific way to eliminate root causes of negativity and disease.  Healing benefits address: hypertension, depression, insomnia, ulcers, digestive disorders, headaches, and relieves physical/mental/emotional exhaustion. Yoga Nidra remains a powerful aid to deeply heal the body, rest the mind, and relax into one’s own inner being. Many are aiming for meditation when basic relaxation is not even present. Yogic Sleep is a very effective way to recalibrate yourself.

Rejuvenating your body and encouraging healing. Even your precious glands and organs will thank you. Seriously, it’s a felt experience by many. Happy glands induce a happy mind. Deep Relaxation. This is the root of a feeling of well-being in your body. 

Rejuvenating the mind by reducing lots of toxic overload. We carry a lot of 

mental stress of the past, present, and future. A peaceful mind is the only way to 

a happy mind. A happy mind is the way to a meditative mind. 


Rejuvenating the Soul. This is THE most precious part of every person. A Sacred Presence lies within every living being. It is deeply satisfying to be creating well-being 

by connecting with this sacred center within each of us. When your inner life is 

alive and vibrant and having a voice in how you are living your day, the outer life experiences blessings of goodness in so many ways. 


  The Divine Indwelling community is supported exclusively through donations.  All gifts are welcomed and appreciated. Please see our Donations page for further details.

Artwork by Debora C.

What is Yoga Nidra Meditation?


  Yoga Nidra is a practice done systematically and scientifically to temporarily disconnect the mind and senses from the outside world to bring one a deep sense of peace. You don’t have to know anything about yoga to enjoy this practice. It is a relaxation technique.


What will we do?


  You should try and have a good night’s rest the evening before. We will be lying on the floor, so you will want to wear comfortable clothes, and bring a mat, pillow, and blanket and anything else you need for comfort. It is preferable not to eat beforehand; however a small light meal at least an hour or two before would be okay. The practice begins with a short lesson by Maheshwar pertaining to the process of interiority and indwelling. This will be relevant for anyone, from any background or any religion. We will do some breathing and chanting before lying down on our mats. After you make yourself completely comfortable, the group will be led through a systematic process of relaxing each part of our body.  When the body is able to completely relax, it brings a deep healing and peacefulness to the mind and establishes harmony in all parts of our being.


What are the benefits?


  Many of the illnesses that affect people today are directly caused by the tension so prevalent in the world we live in. These tensions are held in the body and mind, creating stress related disorders and draining our physical energy.

  Yoga Nidra is a scientific way to eliminate root causes of negativity and disease. This systematic method of very deep resting/awareness is known to have powerful results which can heal body, mind, and emotions and help in the process of self-transformation. Healing benefits address hypertension, depression, insomnia, ulcers, digestive disorders and headaches, to name a few. Physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion can be brought under control. A new sense of awareness of the healing ability inherent in each of us becomes apparent. True peace can only be found within our own self, not in the outside world. Through this process you will find a positive reinforcement that you can take with you into your everyday life.

Brand New Yoga Nidra Session !!


 Dear Family, you have asked and the lineage has provided.

 Please enjoy a brand new Yoga Nidra Experience. 

Bring the practice home!


  Those who attend Yoga Nidra weekly can speak to the benefits of repeated practice. For this purpose we have added an hour long Yoga Nidra session to the page! Simply click on the video below. This is a great substitute for cancelled classes or for those who can't make it to Sunday session. Perhaps friends or family have a curiosity? This is a great at-home example of what you can experience during a live session. Although nothing compares to those! We encourage you to come and experience for yourself! 

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