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We are happy to offer a very rare and powerful Yoga as it has been experienced for millennia. Lakulish Yoga is an experience of Yoga in all its stages, unlike the modern version of yoga which relates with little more than physical exercise. Traditional Yoga has always been Ayurvedic in its theory and application. Ayurveda emphasizes a medical/therapeutic approach to the body and mind, and so too, Spirit. Ayurveda is re-emerging as a hugely popular medicine practiced by hundreds of millions of people all over the globe. Lakulish Yoga is the marriage of Ayurveda and Yoga. Together they heal, detoxify, strengthen, and energize us.

Lakulish Yoga is the real deal. It is true to its ancient roots in a way that it is able to rejuvenate us and make life a joy worth living. It is based in science and it will always be relevant for all people in all times.

Lakulish Yoga uses Ayurvedic and Yogic therapies to restore wholeness and rejuvenate us on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Yes, especially spiritual. Lakulish Yoga is ultimately interested in enlisting the help of the Divine energy within us called Kundalini, to unite us with God. When this union is restored, we experience Love and Joy - the real things that make life worth living. Yoga's real purpose is still realizable today; to find freedom from Mind/Ego and discover the Higher Self.

To enable the greatest impact of Yoga in one's life, it will take more than physical exercises and breathing techniques. For most, Yoga is a hobby. For a Seeker, Yoga is life. It involves the student's entire being. How else will Yoga bring lasting Love, Joy, Wisdom, and Peace?

What is Divine Indwelling?


Simply put, "Divine Indwelling" refers to the presence of the Divine within. For many millennia, saints and spiritual seekers have spoken and written of the very real experience men and women can have of discovering God's presence within them. This Presence infuses all living beings. Most of the time we struggle to be in touch with this Divine Presence which lies embedded in every one of us. Lakulish Yoga embraces Ayurveda and Yoga to show us the way.

Divine Indwelling Community


Divine Indwelling Community is a fellowship of spiritual seekers who are dedicated to uncovering this sacred Indwelling.


The Divine Indwelling community is a supportive, loving presence to each individual exploring the path of their own spiritual growth. This path toward soul freedom can be challenging. We are a place of healing and guidance. We are a refuge from stressful influences and the incessant mental chatter that we constantly live with. We pray to be a safe and sacred place that offers spiritual encouragement as well as practices and perennial teachings that give us direction in everyday living.


Divine Indwelling Community is truly non-denominational in the best sense of the word. We are after what is universal.

We celebrate what is natural and already present! Love is our foundation and sacrament. Communion with the Divine Presence is what we seek. Divine Indwelling is not associated with any religious organization, nor does it subscribe to any particular dogma or doctrine. Our spiritual path and teachings relate with what is the nucleus common to every religious tradition. Anyone is welcome, whatever their religious faith. Every religion has its own beauty and emphasis, yet no religion exhausts the Vastness of God. When Divine Indwelling gathers, we throw off our religious badges and share in something deeply common.

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