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 " OM " 

  In Memory of Frank Regan (a.k.a. Mahadev). Who left his body on December 20th, 2020.

   Mahadev revered what OM represents. It is the Divine Sound. Everything lives because of this Divine energy. It is the sound of the Universe and the same HUM resonates in our very being. It is the sound of Creation, Sustenance, and Dissolution combined. Everything is One in this unifying OM. Frank leaves this life with such a noble name, Mahadev. He goes with the name of Shiva imprinted in his subtle being! 

  He left his mark on our present home and property we call The Lakulish Center. We have an original art piece by Frank on one of our walls. Frank was so inspired by our Bapuji that he created the marble OM statue in front of our building. Frank built the foundation and placed the sculpture himself. To him it was a gift to Bapuji and his yoga family. It was his way of paying it forward for the joy and meaning he was finding; for much of the last decade of his life! 



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