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Our Lakulish Temple 

Welcome - Jai Bhagwan !


  A marvelous and monumental change has been gradually taking place with our yoga family. Due to the guidance and inspiration of our teacher, Bapuji, we have come to understand that Yoga is a huge science and provides us with practices and principles that make for an extraordinary life.  

  Everyone knows Yoga is more than just exercise, but few have a means of accessing the larger science. This is the purpose of a Temple. It takes the essential elements of a Temple to carry the full force of Yoga's energy. A Temple space provides an environment and opportunity for transformation. It will take more than a yoga studio to provide this.

  With our Teacher's help, we have established such a Temple here at the Divine Indwelling Lakulish Center ! Such a place is rare in America. Very rare is it to find the traditional elements that the Science of Yoga deems essential - a Temple and a Teacher and Sacred Yogic Teachings.

What is a Temple?

A Temple is a building dedicated to the spiritual evolution

of its members. It is a dwelling made sacred by the Teacher

and the intention and activity of its members.  It is a place 

that urges self-discovery and provides inspiration, guidance,

and activities to achieve this.


There are 4 very special and substantial elements that Yogic

science deems essential for one to truly succeed at the

incredible journey of creating a content mind and a dynamic

experience of health and energy.


1. The Individual Soul. You! Someday, somehow, the voice of the

Soul may be heard. It is seeking to express itself. Many sense the

voice of their soul, but the experience of it is sporadic, haphazard,

and willy-nilly. The individual soul desperately needs the support

of the other three elements listed below.


2. Teachings. We are excited to share the Teachings that we have come to love. They come from the two major texts of Yoga  - The Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.  Ultimately, they come from our Teacher, Bapuji, who opens our minds and hearts to be able to perceive teachings that our Mind/Ego is likely to resist.


3. Almighty God. Yogic Science believes that the human person can live from such an elevated state of wisdom and contentment that they experience the very presence of Divinity within!


4. A Teacher. This may be the most important element. Without the Teacher, the other three elements would remain out of reach. It takes a Master to convey this huge Science. We are the luckiest people in the world to have the opportunity to be with a Master of Yoga who is unparalleled. Our Bapuji is the direct disciple and holder of the Lineage of Swami Kripalu who is known to many to have also achieved the highest states of Yogic practice.

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