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A marvelous and monumental change has been gradually taking place with our yoga family. Due to the guidance and inspiration of our teacher, Bapuji, we have come to understand that Yoga is a huge science and provides us with practices and principles that make for an extraordinary life.  Everyone knows Yoga is more than just exercise, but few have a means of accessing the larger science. This is the purpose of a Temple. It takes the essential elements of a Temple to carry the full force of Yoga's energy. A Temple space provides an environment and opportunity for transformation. It will take more than a yoga studio to provide this. With our Teacher's help, we have established such a Temple here at the Divine Indwelling Lakulish Center! Such a place is rare in America. Very rare is it to find the traditional elements that the Science of Yoga deems essential - a Temple and a Teacher and Sacred Yogic Teachings.

What is a Temple?

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Yoga Nidra Services


Services are usually held the first 3 Sundays of every month.
10:30 am - 11:45 am

Any changes will be noted via email and the Divine Indwelling Facebook page.

Can't make it to class? A NEW hour long at home Yoga Nidra video is available! Click the Yoga Nidra Tab for more info!

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